What my plan of action for this game with timeframe and Gould look like

By jan 1

Revamp campaign

1 x Daily campaign with 4 levels giving only tokens to use in store
1x of vehicle, mech, air, rotated between each other and on 7 day of the week 1 x all campaign.

Revamp campaign store

To purchase using tokens earned in daily campaign would be

Mission coms that have been in a collection event
Comm training, comm energy, comm chrome 45 percent ones.
Warcoms any that have been in a collection event plus all the levels of training required

12 hr base bubble, morale for bases, plus I would introduce a massive 1 week bubble with no cooldown but cannot be broken and only 4 can be used in a year . Reset jan1

Parts for upgrade of strike carrier

Offer blue keys and green keys.

Offer tactical mainframe, power cells, quantum processors, AI neutral core. And the crate with various frags in it

By Feb1

Revamp ltm and xlab and event rewards.

Ltm will include just tokens to be spent in xlab

In xlab - there would be an exchange of tokens for various types of keys. Each of the keys could be exchanged in their section for anything in the section include fragments.

Also in xlab remove the converting 1 day to 3 day etc because it is not needed and no one uses.

Chrome prints would also be able to be purchased in xlabs because they would no longer appear in ltm. Also ports and 99 would be purchased in xlab because they also would not be available in ltm.

Fix the nodes in gc so they reflect actual player power

By Mar 1

Complete league implementation.

Rework the experimental upgrades so that every 7 days you don’t touch it you get a 5 percent increase in the chance of completing it. The longer you wait the better chance you have upto 100percent.
If you attempt one then even if you fail they all reset back to the default setting for that level

By April 1

Revamp all ltm based on the new league feedback according to what each amount should be to complete ltm.