Warcomms Effectiveness

Hello everyone.

As most of players already know about warcomms that they dont work properly. Here is what I have found:

  1. For players with maxed personal boosts.

    Pure dmg boosts (mech, air, veh, unit) dont work above

    The only boosts which works properly is dmg vs
    boosts dmg vs mech/ven/air), they work above 350%

  2. For players without maxed personal boosts.

    Pure dmg boosts (mech, air, veh, unit) works above
    300% depending upon the numbers in their personal
    boosts tab.
    dmg vs boosts works same as mentioned for maxed

It is my theory that -

As personal pure dmg boosts max at
350%, dmg vs & hlth vs boost max at 50% So according
to these numbers warcomms add up to total boosts.
Say the pure dmg boosts have a limit at 700%
(personal 350 + Alliance 50 + warcomms 300)%,
dmg vs boosts also have a limit at 700%
(personal 50 + warcomms 350+)% .
So for most of players pure dmg boost in warcomms above 300% are useless, however dmg vs boosts works.

Other than these dmg boosts, health boosts works till 1000% imo (we have checked 877% on mech health & 300% on unit health).
I believe that all health boosts (mech, air, veh, unit) have a limit at 1000%, and they work perfectly fine.

But, ever since the implant issue came in picture, warcomms also started to act reverse.
Now pure dmg boosts (mech, veh, air, unit) working above 700%, and health boosts are still working same as previously.

Warcomms boosts are messed up since they are released and are made an essential game parameter on which battle are decided. It is a well known issue to many players who actually pay attention/experiment different sets. Moderators are also aware of these issues.
So I would request Dev team to kindly look into it and try to fix it as earliest as possible.

If any player have some other relevant information regarding warcomms they are most welcome to share their experiences.

I actually think the biggest issue here is that no one actually can confirm or deny where each boost is applied in the calculations or whether it has been limited by itself or if combined with others and there is a limit on a set of boosts when put together.

We could be looking at the selling of boosts that actually don’t boost or a complete lack of knowledge of the fundamentals of the entire battle dynamics by the programmers.
This to me is an urgent issue that needs clarification of what boosts are applied and what limits are in place

Hi @DelBoy,
Completely agreed what you’ve said. It needs to be looked at very thoroughly!

Thanks for bringing this up. I believe there is some understanding in the team about this. It’s part of what we will be looking at as part of our game balance update.