Updated Event Rewards. Phase 1

Greetings, Commanders!

I’m happy to be able to share with you some information many of you have been hoping to see for a while. It’s the first step in our effort to update the rewards you receive from participating in the live events in War of Nations.

One major issue that’s come up recently is that rewards from the events just didn’t feel very rewarding. While a more comprehensive update to the existing rewards is planned we wanted to do something in the short term to make life a little bit better for you. We plan for this to be a temporary solution to the problem, but we still want it to be an enjoyable part of the game until we have taken a moment to address some of the other high-priority issues that have been raised over the past year.

Now, let’s get to the meat of what I want to share with you. Below you will find an image showing you a few new items in War of Nations that you will quickly become acquainted with.

The most important of these items is the “Spoils of War” (centre), a chance-based crate similar to some of the other crates you’re already familiar with in War of Nations. While this crate is chance-based you don’t need to worry about getting items you have no use for, with it we’ve built in a sort of “guarantee” reward system in the form of Combat Tokens. When we asked you what kinds of items you would like to see as event rewards you told us “Sapphire Keys, Fragments, and rare Upgrade materials.” So that’s what we’ve done. When opening these crates you’ll have a chance to get things we know you’ll need like Emerald or Sapphire Keys, but you’ll also get the new X-Lab currency “Combat Tokens”.

These Combat Tokens are what really makes this system stand out. We wanted to make sure that this update would be a rewarding experience for players at different places in the game, from new players to grizzled war veterans we wanted to offer you something to fight for. This new currency will only be found in the Spoils of War and will be used exclusively to purchase items in the X-Lab’s newest outlet, the Armory.

This new tab in the X-Labs Vault is a great way for us to let players take the rewards into their own hands. We could try our best to guess at what each of you needs, but you guys know what you need so we’re letting you make the final decision here. We’ve handpicked a few items for you to choose from as possible rewards for your participation in events. Aside from the expected Keys, we’ve also added in some Commander Upgrade items that have been rather rare and hard to come by lately as well as the brand new “Cluster Crate”. Inside this Cluster Crate, you will find various amounts of Fragments which can also be exchanged for the items you need for your Research or Experimental Upgrades.

Now, many of you are probably wondering “Where will we get these Spoils of War?”Well, let’s get to that. You’ll be collecting these crates as personal spoils from participation in any of our events. Starting on Tuesday, December 14th you’ll be able to see how many of these new crates you’ll be fighting for. Below is an example of what you’re likely to see in the game.

The team is pretty happy to have had some great back and forth with many of you on Discord over the last few weeks. We love the passion of the community and dedication to War of Nations. We’ve turned a new corner recently and all of us here at PopReach we motivated and excited to work with you to make War of Nation as great as we all want it to be!

Please let us know your thoughts on this update below! We’re excited to hear your feedback.


New Crate coming as additional event rewards starting Tuesday, December 14th.

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Nothing of use on this as usual

Ancient keys being available in fragment crates would be helpful for some of us rest is garbage

Needs to be put in Ltms and team rewards

Hey, the rewards will be in local team rankings as well as local player ranking rewards, just not global rewards currently because the idea is to bump local worlds not the global reward balance at the moment.

Ancient Masterkeys are in the Cluster Crate

I will be looking at LTMs next. Hang tight

This is correct. These rewards will be for Local Rewards only and aren’t expected to be added to Global rewards because of the imbalances between servers. For example, in ToS, rewards will be paid to the Alliance based on their Local Ranking.

This is just widening a gap between top players and average players.
To me the definition of balancing is bringing the difference between top coiners and average players more into line with each other not to create a grade in top players.
The game dies in each world because players migrate to the top teams to get the better rewards.
In all event rewards the steps down are massive and need to be balanced and brought much smaller. This change has just made the steps bigger

The concept is great but the application is terrible.
Obviously the top players provide the income so the management has decided rewards are heavily weighted to them. The point missed is that these same players need the average jo to destroy and these jo are leaving because the gap is too large and this will cause further imbalance.
Players have realised that boosts make the difference and casual players are leaving. What the point playing a game to be constantly smashed and leagues won’t answer it since it is actually insulting to say your weak but we don’t want to make you stronger so we will give you your own league but can still be bullied outside events by larger players that we like to give rewards to because they are our income.

BALANCE the game by giving out the same boxes to all active players in events and let top players buy ports and 99s with them and smaller players buy resources/ old normal or experimental upgrade items and speed ups.

I see that they are in team rewards. My bad

I think this is a core misunderstanding of what the purpose of a league is. The purpose of a league is to give you opponents that will provide you with the proper competition. Not overwhelmingly more powerful, and you not overwhelmingly more powerful than the other. So it’s about reducing the gap between the “weak” and the “strong” for a particular event. If there are more leagues then all players will have a shot at having more/better rewards than they would in the current system.

When we redo the LTMs they will give out rewards to players who participate in the event. All players will be able to get these rewards. The LTMs will be considered “giving out the same rewards to all active players in events”.

I was working on LTMs and then pivoted to do this last week. I will be getting back to LTMs so I can get those out to you asap.

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