Time of waves displayed is not the actual time it takes

Can we get the times to match so that the time which is shown is the same as the time of the wave


Could you perhaps attach a screenshot of the times you’re looking at and how they differ? Is this in an event, ToS?

All times will vary according to your boosts and AB boosts.

I don’t need to screenshot just send any waves and then look at reports or click on the wave and see the time has jumped down because the wave includes any boosts but the displayed time before you press send does not

@Huginn This is a documented and known glitch:

The issue is that the boosts applied by “Allied army travel” and any other boost that changes the time an army takes to reach its destination are done at the time the wave is deployed and does not reflect in the actual sent attack screen, which shows only the timer before the boosts are applied. So what you get is the send attack screen says, 10:00 timer to reach the destination, but as soon as you sent it jumps from that 10:00 to maybe 9:00 because of the boosts applied at the time of sending.


Thanks, this was super helpful!