Player Coin Strike Response From PopReach

Hello Commanders,

We understand the reasons behind the protest and respect your decision. We would like to confirm that our product team has been made aware of your concerns and they are working on addressing the issues.

We have been growing the War of Nations team over the past few months as part of a PopReach plan to invest and grow the game and develop exciting new content and features for the years to come. We can’t wait to share the details but some of the planning is still underway and not quite ready for prime time. The good news is that because we already started growing the team we can pivot relatively quickly to address the key issues brought forth from the community.

Part of the change is our desire to improve our outreach to the community to gather feedback and ideas, put plans in place and communicate them to you, and execute on a roadmap of new features and improvements that this game deserves. We have recently hired team members who are dedicated to this effort.

As part of the community outreach, we will be meeting with moderators in the coming days and with the broader community shortly thereafter. An executive from PopReach will be present at these meetings as he is keenly interested in understanding the current issues and turning our collective attention to making an amazing game experience. At War of Nations support, we would like to thank you for your passion and support for the game we all love.

Team War of Nations


Your team ONLY responds to us when we stop spending money. The fact is you have realessed new events that are stupid whip screwing up the rest of the incomplete feature already clogging up the servers you don’t care if we quit until you stop .along money from us the lag in the towers and stronghold event has been in the toilet for over a year and you have done nothing. The games so unstable I reboot 5 times an hour on average in short you people suck

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I can’t speak to what’s happened in the past, but I can tell you that we’re listening now. Today we will be undergoing server maintenance to enable performance measuring of our servers. The goal of this is to identify where the problems are which cause lag and many other issues on the server. In fact, the maintenance time was chosen so we can be sure to track specific metrics from the next ToS event.

We are focusing on fixing the backlog of bugs that have been reported by users, this is our top priority right now and will remain a top priority until the game is far more stable.

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Players have been giving feedback on group me and discord for years. Why have you never joined and see our suggestions or read our chats first hand?

We understand this is a business but you guys don’t know how to service us and sell us what we want when we want it.

It’s like you guys don’t even play the game. The mods have graciously defended you but it’s clear that they are frustrated as well. We’ve had forums before, i’m not getting my hopes up too high then anything will become of this.

Do you want to earn the players respect make your presence known in the game or in the discord chat.

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Thanks for that feedback. I’ve only been a part of PopReach for a month which is why I haven’t been more active in the community prior, but I’ve been fairly active since then and been working closely with the Discord Mod team for the past few weeks.

I will continue to be active on Discord, as well as active on these forums, I can assure you that going forward the players voice will be much louder in the development team than it has been in the past.

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Thanks for the answer. Been playing the game for at least 7 years, but honestly could be longer. I’ve never understood why such a lack of response by the developers of the game. The forums are rich with very active players that have kept the game alive with $$$.

There is a laundry list of suggestions that have been carried over from groupme.

Will that list ever be acknowledged and discussed? Many great ideas not only to improve gameplay but also generate revenue.

This is a great question! The short answer is “Yes”.

Since I started just over a month ago I’ve been going through the team’s backlog of items they wanted to achieve, so they have been keeping track of many topics that have been reported. The Discord Mod group has historically been a bit part of keeping the team up to date on high-priority issues.

But as you are already aware, the team wasn’t able to address these issues fast enough, and for different reasons. Without getting into the gritty details, the War of Nations team is growing and hiring new people so that we can address the issues that have come up over time more rapidly and to a higher quality. We are still working on a long-term roadmap, and once it’s ready we will get the Community Leaders involved before we roll out the roadmap for everyone to see.

My group right now is focusing on improving the service as a whole and less focused on the technical aspects. (but there’s a group for that too!) This is where many of your suggestions and feedback come into effect. We’re working on some operational low-hanging-fruit, some of which will become visible in the coming days, some are still going through the pipeline. Prioritization is being done on several levels, but the general goal is to introduce changes that will benefit the most players first, and work our way into addressing issues for specific groups of players.

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