New event idea Npc fight back

All hitting and capping of other players bases are suspended through the event to stop other teams clearing bases and helping other teams

Each hour the team can select between say level 1 ( default) and level 10 capping attacks from Npc. The Npc caps players bases in the team through the event ( even though in a bubble ) the idea is the team must rein their own players bases to stop losing bases.
The level 1 would be like 10 small caps are sent out through the hour to random bases in the team. Level 10 would be like 2000 strong caps in the hour. Each level going up the amount and strength of the caps increases. Points are earned for not losing bases in that hour. The higher the level the more points but the more risk. If you lose a base then it is really lost for that player plus you have a large deduction in points.

I am sure this idea could be improved and worked on as a way to introduce a defending competition and get rid of bases from teams that no longer play.