Feedback Wanted: Gold Store

Hi all,

I’d like to open up a discussion regarding the Gold Store rebalancing efforts now and down the line as well as help to gain further understanding of where the gold store currently falls short, or is not useful. And to gain ideas on how to make it more useful as well as balanced towards game economy.

This will help the developers to gain a better understanding on how users currently see & use the gold store and gain feedback on what ways users may like to be able to use it for.

A few questions to help get a conversation started:

  • What item do you think is most missing from the gold store?
  • Is there any item(s) in the gold store that you don’t think belong there?

Especially in new worlds or in starting new alliances, the lack of alliance base materials is evident.

Another thing is individual comms. If I only need a few more, buying those in the store, even if expensive, I think would be a worthy thing to add to the store.


Advanced boost crate 1
Advanced boost crate 2
Power cells
Obsidian keys
Tachyon keys
Quantum keys
Carbon keys
Galaxy keys
Mutant keys
Upgrade parts for campaign armies


Pr have added loads in to the xlabs but they haven’t moved up with the times. They need to add tachyon and carbon keys to fragments exchange as there are loads of players who can’t coin to get those parts.
2nd point
They need to change the ltms specially those giving 6 year old comms as rewards
Ltm need to be updated badly.
3. The rare crate on the side of the screen needs a massive overhaul as the items we get are not rare at all to be honest that’s so poor to call it rare is a joke and embarrassment to Pr for calling it that
4. The unit tokens we used to get either remove from screen or bring them back as rewards in ltms.
5. The GD event going forward you need to add over charge cells to ltms or to hitting buildings like it used to so we can make barriers again like we used to.


Please can all players have clarity on why the same bundle in the USA is 10% cheaper than Europe, and Australia the same bundle is 15% more expensive than the USA.
Surely for the sales it needs to be equal equivalent on the pricing or it is giving the USA players significant advantage.

So, these are items you want to see go into the store?

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Could you let me know what platform you’re playing on? iOS or Android?

The IOS system is the platform

Yes all of them should be in the store

I’ve been asking for exchange options for galaxy power cells, they should have a an option to downgrade to carbon, and then carbon to tachyon… These options seem to have stopped at obsidian


Add a no drop token for exp as a consumable.

Apple sets that and doesn’t take into account exchange rates I believe. This was a complaint years ago from many non US players. $100US is not the same as $100EU but that’s what Apple did. Several other games were impacted by this as well. Seem to remember boom beach and clash of clans folks being upset and it wasn’t within the developers hands.

@Jasonis right. I can look into that we aren’t changing the price point based on geography, but that’s as far as it goes. For example, we might tell Apple that we want to use Price Tier 5, we don’t have control over their currency exchange rates.

You can see an example of how this works here. Please note that this is an old and out-dated matrix. It just serves as an example.

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How is this gold store related?

Most needed is ancient key
Least needed Ramses crate

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You believe keys should be available in the gold store? Doesn’t that remove the entire point of winning events? (Yes there isn’t much use for those keys right now, but their currency is specifically based on events)

Keys need to stay in rewards.

What about having a buffet bundle? One for materials, speed ups, coms, etc? Let players choose more

For sure things that should be offered better are com training, speed up with 99s, and resource bundles. These are a nuts with the new coms