Feedback Wanted: Experimental Upgrades

Hi all,

I’d like to open a discussion thread for feedback and ideas on the current experimental upgrade portion of the game. I know it is a huge pain point for many players and over the period of the game has caused a lot of frustration and/or players to “rage quit”.

Now, this discussion is not for immediate change, but should help us to gather credible feedback on this issue to hopefully get into a roadmap in the future for a positive change to the experimental system.

Please note, this system cannot be removed so please do not ask for that.

The difference between the amount of tries you get and the percentages mean that you have to be very lucky to proceed. Not really constructive for an online game where there are thousands of other choices to use during the time we play this.
Players wait months to build up enough for a few goes and often are the same level or lower than when they started. Players then realise there is no point to trying.
If you try now you have either had too much to drink or you think you have a special time or a certain wait before the next. Again not impressive for a game with all the choices available.

Here is my suggestion- every 7 days all percentage chances raise 5 percent.
If you attempt any then all the chances should go back to default.
This means you have a choice try and succeed or fail OR you can wait for the one you are trying for to get to 100 percent with full amount of cells used and you are guaranteed an increase.
After you pressed it resets to default and it all starts again.

Also older experimental and normal ones once they are over 4 yrs old the amount needed drops by 50 percent

Finally when 90% of the players in the game has an upgrade that upgrade is taken out of the game or the upgrade is over 6 yrs old.

The reason for the last bit is that we can stabilise the barrier to entry for older players and every 2 yrs a new one can be brought in to keep income for the company and something for players to collect.

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I definitely agree that a four year old experimental upgrade should not still be 30% chance. I spent 6000 obsidian cells trying to finish the last level of the obsidian experimentals and ended up going down a level instead. I saved those cells up for over a year and then lost them all in a minute and was further back than when I started. If the % chances are not increased, then there should be much easier methods of obtaining the older cells. At this point in the game, I would say that all chromium, obsidian and quantum experimental upgrades should be made easier by 20-30% and the cells required for then should be easier to obtain. Give out 50 of one type each day in the Daily login gift; at the end of the month a player will have enough of these cells to work on getting some of the older experimental upgrades out of the way. It doesn’t seem right that a player, even one who spends occasionally, should be unable to obtain power cells or be able to complete a comm upgrade over the course of three or four years.

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I like both of the posts above.

The idea of deleting them was that once a certain percentage of active players have the boosts then it makes no difference to the game since everyone has them. If you got rid of them I believe there would be little to no difference in results apart from all com levels would decrease by the same percentage for all. Basically if everyone has it then there is no advantage.

I really think that after you have waited a year to try to upgrade to fall back is heart destroying. There got to be some mechanics that removes that. That was why I suggested above that if your prepared to wait you should get a better chance of passing

The other reason for removing them was this game only loses players since new players have nearly zero chance without pumping in thousands in money. If we want new players then getting them to the same level would mean either giving away a lot of old boosts which current players don’t need or just saying let’s remove one barrier to entry.
I totally understand about players buying boosts but there is a massive perception now that boosts are permanent for the entire life of a game but coms can date within 6 months. When it all first started coms used to last much longer but players excepted the rapid turn around in coms. I think if we want new players then we got to start to say after a certain amount of time or if a certain percentage has the boost then it needs to be removed . This might encourage coiners to buy it earlier and non coiners to collect it in game knowing that once a boost is obtained by a certain amount it will be removed. It could be a new approach to coining and keep non coiners playing which is what coiners need.

I like just the way they are, as in all games luck is part of it.