Event League System meeting update 8 December 2020

Today’s meeting with PopReach has concluded. I will outline below the progress we made and what decisions were made, while trying to keep specific details about each system private in order to protect the anti-manipulation goals.

The meeting began following our meeting from last week and the back and forth chats after it where PR outlined their league system design to us. We provided a lot of feedback on that system and the concerns and flaws it had that we thought were not good enough.

Today’s meeting we were presented with two possible systems, one that was more like our original (dynamic system) with slight differences in metrics to simplify it somewhat, the other was a more linear system, I will outline the premise of each below;

The dynamic system would split teams in each world up based on some metrics that we won’t share for obvious reasons, those metrics would as accurately as possible group alliances in each world next to each other, effectively removing the choice of where you play, you are placed into a league with alliances of similar competitiveness to your own. This system could have 2 or 5 (or X) alliances in each league depending on world standings.

The linear system is where a number of teams would be input into each of the 3 leagues per world, PR would have to manually update and change every world over time as teams change and it appears that alliances need to move to different leagues.

I am oversimplifying both systems slightly for ease of explanation here, but those were the main take aways. We were asked which system would be best for the community and game and I think most were already decided upon it before this meeting but we were still allowed into the decision making process.

We discussed pros and cons of each system and how it might work, as well as a roadmap for leagues into events (without dates or implementation details, just the rough plan). This plan includes ToS first, SH, GC/GD, AW and potentially PvP in the future. That is to say, phase 1 would be ToS, providing all goes well, SH and GC/GD would be high priorities next.

Going forward from here they will finalise the system based on the dynamic design, from there we can hopefully get final agreement on the entire design implementation and it will then be passed off to PR engineers to do a tech assessment and then will go through implementation into the game.

There is a bit of work to be done behind the scenes to provide everything necessary to implement the logic that the dynamic system requires, but as we all agreed the idea here is to design a system that will continue to work into the future of the game and not have to be revisited in 1 year or 2 years unless the game changes so drastically that it no longe works at all.

The meeting today was very productive and we got through the whole system and I believe are on a similar understanding of the issues that the league system addresses and what its goals are for events in each world.

We also touched on points about world imbalances and the possibilities of trying to tackle that down the line to create a better world vs world standing as well as equalising the competitiveness in each world. Obviously that’s a ways off and long term planning but it was good to hear that they are thinking that far ahead.

Sounds good can we start tomorrow before the bafoons come on and argue for 17 leagues?

PvP is as useless as alliance war… everyone is already boosting themselves off their alt accounts and it’s impossible to win decent rewards without losing a part of your integrity

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Each event has their issues currently, this system is not going to fix all issues but it does not try to and is not supposed to. We can and should discuss other ways to improve each and every existing event including AW and PvP down the line.

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