Event Feedback: Global Conquest

Let’s start a discussion on Global Conquest.

It is clear there are some issues with this event, let’s begin with the most obvious and let’s see what others say about the event as well as Strike Carrier combat in general (the underlying system that the event uses).

The event itself has a flaw in how it does matchmaking, because of this is it possible to “cheat” the matchmaking system into giving you easy matches throughout the event.

This is possible because the event uses a matchmaking system that matches up teams based on their past event history, because of this system if you move to a brand new alliance for the event you are given super-easy matchups.

This is a flaw in the system that doesn’t accurately rank each alliance at the beginning of the event or as the event progresses, causing it to require every competitive team to move out of their alliance into a brand new one for the event and then back to the main alliance at the end. Not doing this effectively stops you from competing in the event, even if you spend an inordinate amount of gold, you will have no effect.

Outside of this massive flaw, what other issues and/or ideas do you have to improve Global Conquest as an event to make it more fun? Try thinking outside of the box, any idea is worth sharing even if it just serves to help provide alternative perspectives!

It currently takes 55k points to complete the individual LTM…
If a non coiner plays all 29 wars and is on right at the start of the war it is possible to get 600-620 points per war…620x29 =17,980 would be the maximum points without coining… this significantly ruining the game experience and ability to compete for the “none coiner” and impossible to get past m15.
This needs a big overhaul.


Apart from

  1. the jumping due to the matching
  2. The ridiculous higher nodes that no player can achieve that pretends to be by another team
  3. The individual ltm which was originally the team ltm but got swapped to player with no reductions in requirement.
  4. the sheer boredom of waiting for more rounds - just make a new invite every hour then we can play more.
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  1. The war nodes are on some opponents are clearly fake. When you get a node of 200m it deflates your ability to play that specific war let alone knowing it happens throughout the entire weekend.

  2. The length of each war is too long. Chop it down to 20mins.

  3. Bump up the 6 invites to 7-8. Often, waiting for war invites is BORING!!

  4. Sell bundles that allow players to purchase neccessary items to increase their own slots.

  5. Lock in teams one week before event starts. These “JUMPER” teams kills the event.

Every ltm shouldn’t be redesigned to be free to complete. You can complete the ltm with roughly a 59.99 bundle tbh.

Get rid of the jumping. It’s stupid. You have a minimum alliance number to compete, how about a minimum alliance base number or length of alliance being established before they can compete in GC.