Elara needs to be merged into the main worlds

Right now in World elara we get very little updates and content. Coining is so bad in elara that there is no point coining when we get nothing out of it. As the war of nations community we believe Elara will have tons more active players and coiners if it was merged. If you agree, please show your support by commenting.


I agree totally, this world is different i get that however of you want to coin most of your normal coining factors have gone, there are no garunteed coms in any bundles which has lead to me buying 2 disel and one devastator bundle and getting no coms at all, all this does is help the top end corners, is there a game plan for this world because it makes no sense bundles are the same and there is never a sale ? Are the hidden features like warcoms ect gonna to be released later on down the line , this world is really fun but its dying quickly because its such a mess ,
If the plan is to merge elara tell us now so I can go back to my old worlds no point in coining it and playing for me to have to coin and play more, but the worst part if the older plays like myself have to make a new account to be able to get into this world which means any other older player might not know it even exists. To summarise the bundles need to be changed because at this point there’s is no point in coining and can we have what the plan for elara is because its looking like its not worth playing