Commander Implants not working

Hello everyone,

So we have been wondering why game acting so strange these days, came to conclusion that implants have no effect in battle whenever you’re attacking someone or defending against someone. We know many players have spent $$/keys to maxed out their implants to 200% to achieve more effectiveness in battles on bases and off bases( SH/ToS) but as it is not working at all and is a major game mechanics, we must need it fixed as soon as possible.

1st pic: baldur has no implants.
2nd pic: baldur has all 3 implants.
In both cases the dmg done to defender is same.
In the SS provided below you can also see the dmg and hlth % of commander with and without implants is different.

Its not just with baldur, we have tested other comms too, none of them has implant effect, no matter what % your implant has.

For the testing and ensuring of the issue, defensive wave was kept same for all battles,
Attacking wave was also same for all battle (different from defence wave).
Warcomms were kept same throughout all battles.

This happened right after they fixed glitch with Julius Caesar.

We have confirmed the glitch/malfunction of implants many times in NW2 - Android.

#1128957 is the ticket number for implants not working(dated Oct 01), that i have got from them but no positive response I’ve gotten till date. One of the Mods at Android server also knows about the issue, and has pushed it to his limits to get it resolved, but it still is the same.

How to check implants:

  1. Prepare a defence wave in base(say 25m uv).
    Keep a defence commander whichever you prefer with
    implants and set your defensive warcomms.
  2. Get someone to attack your base with a specific
    wave(say a 6m wave). And the attacker should have the
    commander with implants and warcomms set for
  3. Check the outcome BPs.
  4. Now repeat the procedure without implants but same
    commander and warcomms for both attacker and
  5. Check the outcome BPs.

Thoughts on this @Huginn

Hey @Anas, @Ed_Copplepot.

Thanks for such a detailed post on this issue! I believe I’m aware of the core issue that you’re seeing here, and it is something that was discussed in a meeting just the other day. You’re right, there is a problem with the bonuses some commanders apply in the situation you described. I’m not sure we’re ready to share the specifics on the “under the hood” problem for what you’re witnessing, but I can tell you that correcting this is a priority for the team, and me personally.

Once we have more to share on the changes which would address this issue I will be sure to make a post in the #announcements category.

@Huginn, thanks for looking into it.
This issue is somehow related with ancient commander skills and the warcomms.
When the glitch with Julius Caesar was fixed implants stopped working. Recently I’ve noticed that some warcomms which were always working under certain % limit now works above that limit.
It is well known issues about warcomms that they dont work as they are meant to be, but now they have more effect. I’ll try to write down the issues and % limits of each warcomms boosts in a new topic for better understanding.