Chat Disappearing Bug

For a long time now, half way through typing a message, as if someone just clicks cancel, halfway through trying your message and your back to a blank text bar, you start to type again and from experience a way to fix this is exit the app close the background running and load again, this should buy you enough time to complete your message. Until it starts again.

I would like to choose which messages i keep and delete, not them disappearing on their own

I agree. This disappearing text like you hit close and having to retype sucks ass.

There are a couple of issues going on with chat right now. These issues are being looked into right now, so I hope that this issue will be short-lived from this point forward.

@ZimJason, just to give you an update. It seems that the development team has a fix for this issue, QA is looking at it now. Assuming all goes well this will be included in the next App Store update.

Thanks very much for the update.

Does this just fox the in game chat or also tackle the alliance base message board disappearing aswell? Or this a separate issue ?

There are 2 chat related bugs going through QA. The message board issue is new to me…

Yes @Huginn that’s a good one. The alliance messages disappear sporadically. The communication board where you can post cords, messages etc. we used to think that with the addition of logs added it pushed the older items off (even though they’re on a separate tab) the old last one first out idea. Many of us used to delete the logs of “sat tele level 1 complete”etc in an effort to stop this, but it had zero affect on the alliance message board being erased.