Alliance Message Board / Chat Bug

Alliance message bug

When producing a material in alliance base,

Photo below

So when trying to producing enough material to allow us to purchase the speed up for alliance speed boost to activate Instant build (this is the same for any boost required)

When producing 268 (which is was is required to buy Unit Training Speed boost it adds a huge amount to the logs

If you don’t have someone clearing the logs after a while it gets to a limit of being to many it cleans all information stored on the alliance message base

With this empty you loose all stored coordinates, all team mates bubble cords to hide, over all it doesn’t effect the game play massively but it’s more of an annoyance after taking the time to collaborate all the i information together, it would be good if there was an option to import from notes or maybe export to notepad? So we can back up the note and make use of them?

During some testing I found that also even when having someone clear the logs the alliance message board still deletes itself, maybe on the logs have one for production and one for alliance members so if someone promotes someone or delete a message then it doesn’t get lost in the huge array of message logs for building alliance materials.

Hey, thank you for this thread I was about to open one myself on this issue.

To provide some additional information and resolution steps:

The alliance message board originally was one board, with all messages mixed into it. It has a limit of messages, once you reach that limit the oldest messages are deleted.

We asked for an update to the alliance message board some time ago, where we wanted the board split into 3 tabs to split useful information off;
Messages, Logs & Info. The idea of which being that messages & info are more important but logs get a lot of spam (and can also be useful to have).

The developers listened by splitting the board into 3 tabs but they did not make those 3 tabs have 3 separate message limits. So the main issue right now is that if you have posts in messages/info tabs and then the logs tabs get a lot of spam, when it reaches the message limit it removes the older messages in logs/messages tabs first. This deletes more important info and renders both of those tabs quite useless as is.
The fix is obivously to have all 3 tabs separately stored/limited so that we do not lose info/messages posts because of logs.

  • “Messages” is a manual posts tab for alliance members/officers to post information into. This can be especially helpful as an alliance noticeboard. It works great as-is providing we solve the above issue.

  • “Logs” provides info on things such as materials created in alliance base, combined materials in alliance base. However, this information as-is is mostly useless. The logs should include who created a material, who merged materials. This missing data has been an issue for yeras where alliances do not know who merged all of their materials to a level higher than they needed, or who has spent 2 hours building alliance base materials for everyone. It could also have donation information in it - “X has donated 104,543,235 oil to the alliance” etc. Useful information.

  • “Info” This tab is good, it has logs of who has been promoted/demoted in the alliance. It would also benefit from who has dismissed a player (and which player), who has left the alliance of their own accord, who has accepted new member(s) into the alliance and who they accepted.

These changes, along with the most important of making each 3 tab its own board/limit on messages would improve the feature 10-fold, remove the need to delete logs because they won’t delete messages from other tabs and add a lot of additional & helpful information to managing alliances.

Also on the info tab,

It would be good if it would include who started a war built a barrier etc.


when global conquest is on who ever starts the war can this be turned into a log on alliance message both. Many happy clickers are times.